D. The MIICE outcomes related to the management of learning

8. Enhancing learning outcomes

This relates to schools', teachers' and school managers' focus on setting expectations for continuing but realistic progress in the uses of ICT and on putting it into a wider context

Here is a number of illustrations from a spread of Scottish schools and education authorities of 3 of the 4 components. In each case there is one or more related capacities associated with A Curriculum for Excellence

8. Enhancing learning outcomes: progression in learning

8. Enhancing learning outcomes: development of new teaching styles

8. Enhancing learning outcomes: enable learners to modify information in a variety of forms, including text, graphical objects, moving images, sounds and web pages

Sean Hart teaches music to S4/S5 pupils at Douglas Ewart High School in Newton Stewart. His pupils use music sequencing software called Evolution Audio. The technology allows them to record their music performance into the computer using Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) language. The pupils can then play back their composition from the computer, thus recreating the original performance

Music sequencing software to recreate musical performances

"creating a piece of music can be a lengthy process, requiring commitment and hard work. ... with this software he has learned more about harmonies, about 'thirds' and 'sixths' and how to use them together to produce a good sound" (Neil, student at Douglas Ewart High)

A Curriculum for Excellence

  • Effective contributors: create and develop

8. Enhancing learning outcomes: encourage development of informed attitudes in relation to ICT in society